The Harsh Reality

We lost our dad in an accident in December 2014. It was a hit and run case, and to our dismay, we still do not know who the culprit was. The accident took place early in the morning when he went out for a walk. At 5:30 AM we got to know that he is lying on the road, unconscious.

And that’s it.. we could never speak to him again. We were told by the doctors that he was hit so bad that his entire left portion of the body was broken. Within 3 hours, he left us for heavenly abode.

Since it was early morning, there was no witness who could give us a clue of the accident. The CCTV camera right above the place of incidence was not working, coz of some metro construction nearby. And hence, our petition was closed due to lack of evidence.

We don’t know whether the car driver was drunk or not, juvenile or adult, man or a woman, but we definitely know that he was a rash driver who killed our dad and didn’t even care to know about his whereabouts.

The culprit is still roaming somewhere on the roads of this earth.

Harsh reality is РLiving without your dad, with the guilt that we could not do anything to his killers.


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