Women Safety

8th April, 2017 at 10:30 PM, a loud noise was heard from our society. When noticed, a large gathering of the society members was seen shouting at a man on some matter.

On asking, we got to know that this man has been assaulting women in the colony part by touching them purposely while running. This has been happening since last 1.5 months, but none of the women had to guts to shout about it. But today, when this happened to Kusum, she went and told her brother, and he came out to speak to this MAN.

The situation became so furious that the police was called upon. The man had no guilt or fear in his eyes. Even when the police were taking him for investigation at around 11:30PM, he had no fear or regrets in his eyes.

But to our surprise, the man was freed within an hour. Not sure what investigation could have been done in 1 hour.

Questions to the concerned authority:
What should be a legal action against this man who has been bothering ladies of the colony for more than a month and getting freed so easily in around an hour only?
Since this man knows who had filed the complaint against him, what if he starts troubling them now? Who will take the responsibility of the woman who filed the complaint, when the culprit was freed so easily?
We talk about women empowerment, women safety every now and then, but is our government or the concerned authority really doing anything for making this place a safe place for women?
A woman doesn’t feel safe in filing a complaint against the accused.. and guess what, the policeman who came for filing report scares her more by telling her that after effects of filing the complaint.

The cloud of insecurity is all around. It is a high time when we should fight for our rights and make these pigs realise that it’s not easy to harass girls.


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