Living with the Angels

1st and 2nd July, 2017 marked a remarkable change in my life diary. We met angels, spent time with them, and started our journey with their company. It has been a week, but the vibrations of being with the angels can still be felt in the complete body.

We attended a workshop on Angel Guidance, where we were guided about how Aura scanning, cord cutting, chakra balancing, Angel Healing and Card Reading. We were even given guidance on what Zibu Symbols are and how to interpret the Angel numbers.

There was so positive energy in the workshop rooms, and the same energy can still be felt around, even after a week. I am sure this will remain with us forever.

Living with the Angels is a great pleasure. You continuously feel that there is someone around whom you are talking with the entire day. We are currently doing daily assignments suggested by Sheetal, who took our workshop. While doing the assignments, we feel the immense energy.

Hope to be in Angels company forever.


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